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Adele Devine is a Special Needs teacher at a school for young people with severe learning difficulties and autism in Surrey, UK. She has over a decade of experience teaching children on the autistic spectrum and worked as an ABA home tutor before qualifying as a teacher in 2004.

Adele has a regular two-page feature in Teach Nursery magazine and shares her knowledge of special education needs through 'A Special Blog'. In 2010, she co-founded the multi-award winning SEN Assist autism software with her husband. They have three children and live in Surrey, UK.

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It's Raining and I'm Okay
A Calming Story to Help Children Relax When They Go Out and About

Children with special needs often feel overwhelmed while out and about, but this simple rhyming story can help them to reduce feelings of anxiety.

Ideal for kids aged 3-7, this bright and reassuring picture book offers calming strategies, useful symbols for pre-readers, and downloadable notes to support kids who feel anxious out of the home.

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Flying Starts
for Unique Children

Top tips for making the school environment as welcoming and inclusive as possible for children with SEN and autism.

This book covers essential topics such as working with parents, supporting transitions between home and school, helping children with sensory issues to cope in a stimulating classroom, teaching waiting and patience skills, using visual teaching methods, understanding behaviour, promoting independence and much more. Case studies and practical examples show you exactly how a truly inclusive classroom can be achieved, by demonstrating how a range of situations are experienced from the child's perspective.

Designed to be perfect for dipping into and referring back to as problems arise, this book is a fantastic resource for busy educators.

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Literacy for Visual Learners
Teaching Children with Learning Differences to Read, Write, Communicate and Create

Some children are more responsive to visual stimulation than spoken words, and this book shows how to engage these children in literacy lessons by using strategies that cover everything from the latest assistive technology to getting creative on a limited budget. There are tips for sharing stories with children who find it hard to sit still, supporting reluctant writers, enabling the pre-verbal child to answer questions and helping the child who never stops talking to develop listening skills. The strategies are supported by practical resources, examples and case studies, to show how to instil in children the confidence to create and share their thoughts. This is a must-have resource for special education teachers and coordinators, as well as speech and language therapists, looking for new strategies for teaching literacy.

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Colour Coding
for Learners with Autism

Children on the autism spectrum are often highly visual learners, making colour a powerful and motivating learning tool. This book explains how colour coding helps young people with autism to generalise lessons already learnt. For example, assigning the colour aqua to all personal care activities or the colour purple to timetabling and transitions establishes clear, visual categories.

This allows children to draw on learnt experiences, which creates a sense of order, reduces anxiety, and can aid communication, understanding emotions, organisation, coping with change and diversifying diet.

A wealth of tried-and-tested printable resources to enable the practical application of colour coding in the classroom and at home are included on a CD-ROM.

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Adele writes a regular two page feature, as one of the experts for Teach Nursery Magazine.

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SEN Assist

Adele is Co Founder and Managing Director. SEN Assist created the Multi Award winning software for children with Special Educational Needs.

In this video Adele explains how SEN Assist helps engage children with autism.

Early Shakespeare

Adele and Quentin created the award winning Early Shakespeare software in 2012 because they wanted ALL children to access Shakespeare.



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